Q&A: Can 1 person pick up a team packet?

Q: some of our team members are coming from out-of-town and will not be able to make packet pick up on Friday. Would it be possible to either do an early Saturday packet pickup or do a Friday pickup by only one member of the team?

A: Good Question! Having Friday packet pickup on Friday only allows us to concentrate on ensuring everything is ready, and that you will have an awesome day. The answer to your question is: will everybody be in town by Friday night sometime, or will anyone be coming in early on Saturday, just before the race?

USAT requires everyone pick up their own packet, which means all team members must be present, with their USAT card (or have purchased their 1 day license), and their photo ID. I’ll be at the park for the better part of the night, so if everyone is in town, even by 1AM, I’d suggest you guys come pick up your packet at that time. If not, packet pickup on Saturday is from 5:00am-5:30am only, and ONLY if you have made prior arrangements to pick up your packet then. If you do not pick up your packet Friday, and have NOT made prior arrangements, you may not be able to pick up your packet on Saturday, and may not be able to race.

6 Days, Are you ready? Here’s what you need to know!

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Good afternoon to all the participants of the 2nd Annual Morseman Endurathon featuring the Noblesville Tri • Du • Aquabike • Aquathon • Run • Open Water Swim. Can you believe we are less than a week from the race?  Yes, no kidding!  The race will be here in 6 days! We hope your training has been going well, and that your are healthy for the race! Here are some race week updates that should help you for planning your race next weekend.

Need to switch events/distances:

All athletes will receive a separate email on Monday that asks if you need to switch events or distances.  Please respond to that email if this applies to you.  Please do not send emails until you receive this email.

Packet Pickup:

We’ve had a few questions about packet pickup, and want to state that you can pick up your packet on Friday, from 4PM-9PM, near the finish line in the park.  We will not have Saturday packet pickup, except for extreme circumstances, such as someone coming from out of state on race morning.  Those individuals can contact tj@midwest.services to request special handling of their packet.  As we are likely to be at the park most of the night, even if you are arriving from out of town late, we ask you to stop by the park and pick up your packet Friday, so we can be working to make your Saturday morning more successful.  USA Triathlon expects the following rules for packet pickup, and as such, these are rules we can not and will not make exception to:

  1. All athletes must pick up their own packet.  Nobody but the athlete can pick up their packet.
  2. Athletes must show their USA Triathlon card, and picture ID when picking up their packet.
  3. All team members must be present, show their USA Triathlon card and their picture ID to pick up a team packet.

Weather and Water Temps, Weather Policy:

We are less than a week until the race, and the current sunny weather, and mid-80° air temps have led to water temps in the mid-60° range.  This can chance about 5° either way, over the course of a week.  We are hoping for temps nearing 70° on race day; you can monitor the water temps at: http://morselakeweather.com/

Speaking of temps, we are monitoring the weather carefully, and working with local police and fire departments regarding our weather plan, as it appears there may be severe weather towards the end of the week. While we hope for perfect conditions on race day, the race will continue rain or shine, though will delay for severe weather. We hope it will never be an issue, but there is no rain date, and, due to the nature of the event, it can not be reasonably be rescheduled. Let’s all hope for perfect weather on race day. Please review our weather related policies at: http://noblesvilletri.com/policies  in the event of weather related delays, we will be posting information to our Facebook event page  (https://www.facebook.com/events/254977758302161), our website news page (http://noblesvilletri.com/news), and to our Twitter feed @NoblesvilleTri.  We will additionally attempt to contact you via email and text messages.

Athlete Guide:

Finally, you can find the 2017 athlete guide at: http://noblesvilletri.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/2017-Athlete-Guide.pdf which should answer most questions you have for the event. If you have further questions, please feel free to email tj@midwest.services or call 317-774-8762.

TJ Tryon

2017 Athlete Guide Release

The 2017 Athlete Guide has been released, and should answer most any question you may have about this year’s event on May 20.  The website has also been updated to reflect this year’s info.  Click the link below to download the Athlete Guide.

2017 Athlete Guide