In our efforts to keep every race safe and fair, and to maximize the benefit to the partner not-for-profit, there are specific rules we have adopted and in some cases modified to ensure you and your families safety as well as making the events fair for everyone.

All athletes must follow USA Triathlon Competitive Rules.  You can read the rules at: https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Triathlon/About/Multisport/Competitive-Rules additionally, the Noblesville Triathlon has added the following rules to our sanctions, as a compromise to end complaints from residents who live at our venues:

Triathlon Rule Change #1: Modesty rule will be enforced. All athletes must have their torso covered, with a minimum coverage of that of a sports bra. After the swim portion, no athlete can participate with a bare torso. A variable time penalty will be assessed to athletes displaying bare torso after the swim portion.

Triathlon Rule Change #2: Penalty for personal audio devices, phones and other unauthorized accessories will be a disqualification. Athletes will not be warned during the event, but will see the disqualification reflected in the final results.

Triathlon Rule Change #3: Penalty for littering on the bike and run will be disqualification. Athletes may discard trash within sight of an aid station. Athletes will not be warned during the event, but will see the disqualification reflected in the final results.

Other Rules and Information

Onsite Conduct: Yelling at or using profanities in any way shape or form towards race staff or support crew will not be tolerated and will result in automatic disqualification and could result in a suspension from both future events and/or all USA Triathlon events for a period of 1 year.

Offsite Conduct: By registering in an event produced, managed or timed by Midwest Event Services, athletes agree not to disparage or speak badly about Midwest Event Services in a public forum. This behavior is extended to, but not limited by, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube comments, or an athlete’s blog, with consequences ranging from loss of prizes and awards, to suspension from Midwest Event Services events, to recommendation of suspension to USA Triathlon or other sanctioning body.

Defamation will result in the maximum penalty allowed, and may result in legal action. Defamation is considered to be false and derogatory remarks about a person that serve to discredit his or her character and lower his or her standing in the eyes of a reasonably thinking person. The common law of defamation protects reputation – not feelings. There is a five part test to determine defamation: (1) the defamatory remarks are false and malicious, (2) they actually defame reputation, (3) they are directed at a specific person, (4) they are harmful, and (5) they are published. Judges have so far determined that (barring an unusually low number of Facebook friends) posting material on Facebook meets the fifth part of that test.

Postponement: Midwest Event Services reserves the right to postpone, change format, modify courses or cancel the event at any time. This includes changing the date of the event to an alternate date if feasable.  The safety of athletes, staff, support crew, and officials is our top priority and will never be compromised.

No Refund: Midwest Event Services events are non-refundable. There are no transfers of registration to other racers. Upon severe weather, refunds will not be issued and we will do our best to make the event happen.

Weather Policy: Midwest Event Services reserves the right to cancel an event due to inclement weather or the POTENTIAL of inclement weather.  Every attempt will be made to host an event whether in its advertised form or altered form.  Meaning a triathlon could be modified to a duathlon.  A 1500m swim could be made a 500m swim, etc. A half marathon run could be made a 5k run, etc.  Under any circumstance a refund or transfer will not be issued.  Athletes safety will not be compromised.

Late Arrivals: Midwest Event Services is not responsible for late arrivals, athletes not finding a venue, misdirected or delayed for any reason.   Late arrivals will NOT be issued a timing chips/straps/bibs and you will not be allowed in the start or transition areas once it is closed. Again, there will be NO refunds for any reason.

Shirts: To maximize the benefit to the not-for-profits we partner with, we have a process for t-shirt ordering.  Our shirt printer requires a 5-7 day lead on ordering shirts, so we provide them with a report from the t-shirt deadline, with volunteer shirts, and about 10% additional ordered for late registrations. We make every effort to provide participants and volunteers with a t-shirt, but can’t guarantee a shirt, or shirt size to those who register after the t-shirt date.  For races in which athletes do not pay extra for a shirt, we do not send shirts to athletes who are not race day participants, unless extra shirts are available after race day participants and volunteers receive their shirts.

Changing Events: Switching events without informing event management BEFORE an event begins may result in disqualification.  The sale or transfer of entries, bib numbers or start corral assignments is strictly prohibited as online transaction confirmation numbers, registration confirmation ID’s and event bib numbers all serve as specific personal identifiers to ensure the safety and authenticity of our participants, results and the operation of the event.  Wearing another person’s bib number is not only in violation of Midwest Event Services and USA Triathlon & USA Track and Field rules, but puts our insurance at risk and will result in automatic disqualification and could result in a suspension from events.  USA Triathlon requires a 1 year suspension for giving your bib away to some else, and a 1 year suspension for anyone wearing someone else’s bib.

Emergency Vehicles: Failure to comply with emergency vehicles, event management staff during an event will result in automatic disqualification.  Emergency vehicles and personnel have the right of way at all times and an athlete must give them that right of way by doing everything possible to get out of the way.

Lost Chips: A lost multisport chip will be billed directly to the athlete for a $39 fee ($19 for shoe tags) and may result in no times for event. We cannot post a time for an athlete who has lost his/her chip during an event.  It is his/her responsibility to ensure that chip is on at all times.

Terms and Conditions: These policies are subject to change without notice, from time to time, in our sole discretion.  If you do not agree with these policies. please do not register for one of our events.